Join us as we celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year with the Gold and Diamond Source.

Next we spoil ourselves rotten with help from Health and Medspa; and finally we work off a few pounds and learn how to keep it off with Weight Success Centers and Weight Success Gourmet.
Interviews with: Julie Weintraub, Steve Weintraub, Jennifer Jacobs, Dee Mantzaris, Melissa Dohme, Ray Potesta, Nikki Yourison, Brooke Palmer, Jay Rosenberg, Sean Halter, Don Germaise, Jessica Mullins, Jeramy Criswell, Laura Klinghoffer, Susan Jacobs, Luis de la Torre, Devowa Ahdvinnation, Alicia Diaz, Dinar Sajan, MD, Irina Peters, Kristin Eubanks, Michael Rischer, Kristan Cooper, Goli Damirchi, Ngoc-Han Thi Ly, Jeanie, Joe, Mary, Will Aguila, MD, Ingrid, Danielle and Darrin.