Good Life Tampa Bay TV Show - Episode #26Join us as we learn about the Hands Across the Bay charity; next we explore New Life Village and all the great things they offer.

After that we hit the high seas with the Carefree Boat Club; then we get healthy with the Vitamix blender; next we get some sun and food with Caddy’s on the Beach; Interviews with: Julie Weintraub, Steve Weintraub, Danielle Duell, David Chauvin, Lorie Ann Chauvin, Audrey Mabrey, Kirsten Thomas, Tom Pepin, Susan Jacobs, Veronica Cintron, Dick Greco, Charlie Belcher, Sister Claire LeBoeuf, Paul Halpern, Jim Resch, Eddie Adams Jr., Marty Melton, Joseph Guerrera, Chris Nash, Ken Hautmann, and Michelle Milstead.