Join us as we check out the 2016 Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars. Next we do some networking with the Future Leaders Friday Luncheon Reception; and finally we get into shape with GHC Clinics.

Interviews with: Julie Weintraub, Steve Weintraub, Michael Clayton, Dee Mantzaris, Melissa Dohme, Wendy Ryan, Jamison Uhler, Orlando Davis, Ian Beckles, Charlie Belcher, Mark Ober, Dr. Cesar Lara, Adam Johnson, Emily Johnson, Tom Pepin, Lauren Pepin, John Fontana, Andrew Duncan, Mindy Grossman, Tim Johnson, Stephanie Perez, Aakash Patel, Shilen Patel, Nancy Vaughn, W. Gregory Holden, Tom Stanton, Scott Price, Caleb Lewis, Daryl Stringer, Alex Sink, Hugh Campbell, Sandy Murman, Dr. William J. Lennox, Monica Varner, Mike Griffin, Asif Hakeem, Angie Leonetti, Amy Scherzer, Caitlin Johnston, and Nikki Stokes.