Good Life Tampa Bay Episode #60

by | Feb 14, 2020

Join us as we get into the world of high-end art with Dick Zimmerman, next we get motivated with Barbara Glanz, then we visit the Kimberly Home, and finally we get well with Global Health Clinics.

Interviews with: Dick Zimmerman, Steve Weintraub, Julie Weintraub, Barbara Glanz, Doug Bishop, Jane Toombs, Kim Cross, Kayla Mcallister, Emma Orozco, Nicole Schall, Colleen Carter, Carolina Davis, Debbie Schwarz, Patty Stanford, Olivia Gatliff, Kate Kelly, Connie, Amy, Samantha, Joanne, Maddy Marchesano, Mariam, Kerrie Fine, Karen Miller, Lien Nguyen and Karen Robertson.

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