Join us as we travel to Tallahassee where Julie Weintraub and her Hands Across the Bay team are honored, then we hand out some awards with the Tampa Bay Business Journal, next we check out the latest in home theaters with Easy Living with Technology, and finally we sit down with Health & Psychiatry at their new Telepsychiatry office.

Interviews with: Julie Weintraub, Dee Schuler, Melissa Dohme, Pam Bondi, Mark Ober, Carla Snavely, Adam Johnson, Ian Anderson, Bennett Smith, Dan Gutierrez, Sarah Feldman, Eve Epstein, Drew Graef, Omar Soliman, Jerome Ciliento, Christopher Conza, Jim Evangelista, Mike Bock, Chris Carnahan, Mary Robin Thiele, Kevin McCaig, Aaron Slavin, Brandon Hubbard, Mike Stram, Mark Elble, and Scott Jordan.