Good Life Tampa Bay TV Show - Episode #5Join us as we check out the launch party of Luxury The Magazine; then we learn how to dramatically improve our golf game with state of the art training from GolfTec.

Experience unique masterpieces created by a local artist-Colin O’Neal Viewing Party; party the night away VIP style at Temple Lounge in Ybor City; experience the world’s best outdoor party and take a look back at the Chillounge Night experience in Tampa; helping people with transportation was the mission of the Wheels of Success Charity event at Neiman Marcus; jump on a plane and head to sin city and experience The Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and party the night away at their world famous Ghost Bar nightclub in the sky. Interviews with: Eric Vasili Ehrhardt, Michael Novilla, Tara Burleson, Al Keck, Lulu Valentina, Dr. Jeff Lee Tedder, Rainer Scheer, Henry Kasprow, T W Curtis, Al Keck, Pedro Rivero, Mark Nixon, Colin O’Neal, Jenny Esno, Lisa Mansell, Nicole Festa, Joy Gendusa ,Tony Armer, Carol Kicinski, Drew Funkhouser, Sean Tuohy, Chelsea Hendrix, Billy Sprague, Derek Davenport, Lori Henry, Raquel Wolf, Gordon Williams, Colin Castle, Rainer Scheer, John Pulitano, Sylvio, Jack Harris, Susan Jacobs, Julie Weintraub, Steve Weintraub, Ricky Reynolds, Julian Exclusa, Roy Naccour, Karen Krymski, Brandi Kamenar, Phil Maloof, and Trent Allen Parks.