Join us as we raise awareness with the Friends of Joshua House.

Then we learn how to hire in an instant with speaker, consultant, and author Scott Wintrip; next we hit the cinema for the premiere of Functional Fitness; and finally, we get some sun with Caddy’s on the Beach.

Interviews with: Dede Grundel, Diana Zubrowski, Julie Weintraub, Sandy MacKinnon, Steve Weintraub, Melissa Dohme, Dee Schuler, Patty Weintraub, Adam Johnson, Emily Johnson, Orlando Davis, Randy Lay, Nichole Collins, Scott Wintrip, Bob Rose, Talayna Fortunato, Adam Wiley, Casey Schmidt, Robin Galley, Tyler O’Grady, Brendan Combs, Christi Campos, Leigh Simons, Veronica Santiago, Tony Santiago, Erik Emery, Nick Ferrario, Jared Knowles, Ken Hautmann, Michelle Milstead.