Join us as we celebrate the holidays with the Gold and Diamond Source. Next we connect and network with Tampa area business with Elevate, Inc.; and finally, we get into shape with GHC Clinics.

Interviews with: Julie Weintraub, Steve Weintraub, Matt Geiger, Margaret Word Burnside, Aaron Fodiman, Brian Artze, Jay Rosenberg, Ron Diaz, George Mantzaris, Valerie Morales, Roxanne Wilder, Nikki Yourison, JP Peterson, Don Germaise, Bill Brand, Jennifer Cotter, Carmen Bauza, Susan Jacobs, Dr. Gerald Fitzgerald, Elif Fitzgerald, Melissa Dohme, Dee Schuler, Chris Weintraub, Adam Johnson, Emily Johnson, Troy Weintraub, Aakash Patel, Lilly Ho-Pehling, Sid Morgan, Michelle Royal, Tim Jarrett, Josh Kantor, Kelly Charles-Collins, Milind Bharvirkar, Karl Strauch, Justin Clements, Alexandra Riggin, and Samantha Milano.