Good Life Tampa Bay TV Show - Episode 32Join us for a special edition of Good Life Tampa Bay and the 2014 Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars at the Pepin Hospitality Center and presented by Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay.

Interviews with: Steve Weintraub, Julie Weintraub, Linda Hurtado, Jamison Uhler, Don Germaise, Charley Belcher, Ashley Glass, Veronica Cintron, Dick Greco, Dr. Saqib Kahn, Tom Pepin, Maria McGill, Rhonda Shear, Usman Ezad, Dr. Dinar Sajan, Gayle Guyardo, Raymond Cedeno, Jeff Andrews, Emily Dudash, Cindy Gruden, Rob Rocha, Laura Harris, JJ Harrison, Karen Mertes, Ivan Grigoro, Erin McKinnon, David Chancellor, Angela Duncan, Valerie Morales, Manny Herrera, Jay Coates, Kelle Chancellor, Colette Meyer, Holly Sinn, Erik Shepard, Kelley Prince, and Dr. Dana Coberly.