Good Life Tampa Bay TV Show - Episode #29Join us as donate blood with the Gold and Diamond Source and Hands Across the Bay charity.

Next we take some shelter with Arry’s Roofing and the No Roof Left Behind Program; after that we sing along with Lisa Casalino; then we learn about mental health with the experts at Health & Psychiatry; next we get comfy on Good Life Bed Sheets; next we get some sun with Caddy’s on the Beach; and lastly we check out all the fun stuff at Benjamin’s Studios. Interviews with: Julie Weintraub, Steve Weintraub, Amanda Brigandy, Dan Eberts, Lenny Schiff, Phillip Grenon, Ryan McCoy, Bobby Rich, Jay Rosenberg, Danielle McBroom, Cody Hughes, Andrea Hughes, Arry Housh, Becky Housh, Matt Housh, Stephen Housh, Heidi Housh, Kathy Koutsinakis, Linda Hunsinger, Marcie Quian, Michael Bozarth, Jesse Bozarth, Lisa Casalino, Dinar Sajan, M.D., Ruta Dimaite, Ken Hautman, Michelle Milstead, Karen Ierna, Jo Massaro.