Good Life Tampa Bay TV Show - Episode #16Join us as we check out Bryon Wolf and his 40th Birthday Celebration Roast at The Capital Grille.

Next we meet up with Steve and Julie Weintraub for the Gold and Diamond Source 2011 Holiday Party; after that we venture over to Largo to enjoy the open sea with the Carefree Boat Club; and finally we attend a very special check presentation at the Gold and Diamond Source with Hands Across the Bay for the 2011 Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars. Interviews with: Julie Weintraub, Steve Weintraub, Bryon Wolf, James Hamilton, Michael Altshuler, Chris Patti, Michael ‘Mickey’ Marini, Joanna Esposito, John Smith, Fred Wolf, Shirley Wolf, Roy Eliasson, Susan Jacobs, Amanda Rossiter, Larry Sutton, Dick Zimmerman, Heidi Kiffin, Don Germaise, Meredith Walusek, Rainer Scheer, Jessica Schwarzkopf, LX, Norman Harris, Foster Fox, Scott McDonald, Ric Feinberg, Shana Pulizzano, Lisa Halter, Sean Halter, Dave Geralds, Amy Geralds, Marty Melton, Joseph Guerrera, Chris Nash, Gene Nash, Captain Guy Webber, Foster Fox, Tom Pepin, Dr. Linda McClintock-Greco, Dick Greco, Julian Exclusa, Crisha Scolaro, Wayne Witczak, Jillian Thompson, John Gliem, Natalie Cacciatore, and Ron Diaz.