Good Life Tampa Bay TV Show - Episode #10Join us as we check out the Gold and Diamond Source and their 2010 Holiday Party; then we head to Health and Psychiatry Consultants.

Next we take some pictures with Susan Jeffers Photography; after that we chill out at the St Petersburg Chillounge Night; then we check out some glamorous ballroom gowns with Entrada Couture, and finally we head to the dentist with Bayfront Dental Associates. Interviews with: Julie Weintraub, Steve Weintraub, Jessica Schwarzkopf, Heidi Kiffin, Chris Warren, Paul Kitzinger, Michael Pinson, Wendy LaTorre, Dr. William LaTorre, Ian Beckles, Ron Diaz, Margaret Burnside, Sean Halter, Brooke Palmer, Rainer Scheer, Julian Exclusa, Brandi Kamenar, Shannon Rose, Dr. Dinar Sajan, Usman Ezad, Cheryl McLean, Darlene McLaughlin, Char Keller, Margie Sherman, Kristen Cuvas, Tina Bubb, Victoria Vu, Susan Jeffers, Lindsey Mataccheiro, Maria McGill, Dr. Kirk Suttell, Kelly Wind, Amanda Foe, Danielle Kitto, Michael Eismont, Jillian Frers, Rossi, Arnaoudova, Rick Mussett, Nina Schmidt.