Join us as we celebrate ‘Julie Weintraubs Hands Across the Bay’ charity presenting the 2017 Tampa Bays Dancing With the Stars’ event that raised over $300,000 for local organizations that need our support.

Interviews with: Steve Weintraub, Julie Weintraub, Brooke Palmer,  Melissa Dohme, Dee Schuler, Wendy Ryan, Jamison Uhler, Don Germaise, Ashley Glass, Orlando Davis, Christian Mayberry, Mark Ober, JP Peterson, Devin Szwec Pappas, Rita Bauer, Matthew Garfinkle, Tom Pepin, Dr. Gerald Fitzgerald, Elif Fitzgerald, Tim Johnson, Jay Coats, Usman Ezad, Dr. Dinar Sajan, Dr. Marketa Wills, Hector Quilles, Michael Lawley, Kristian Breaux, Kelly Woodruff, Salena Masaood, Ben Castellano, Michael Chapman, Bobby Rich, Kat Wagner, Larissa Colvin, Jae Phillips, Nikki Balles, Topher Morrison, Carley Boyette, and Amber McDonnell.