Join us as we check out the Purelife Medispa Hand in Hand concert event benefiting Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay Charity, next we hit the movies with the premiere of ‘Angels Within;’ then we check out the latest home theaters from Easy Living with Technology, and finally we pamper ourselves at Prana Nail Lounge.

Interviews with: Dr Joseph Fitzgerald, Elif Fitzgerald, Kelly Woodruff, Elizabeth Palascack, Julie Weintraub, Melissa Dohme Hill, Mark Ober, Laura Moody, John Wilson, Aaron Fodiman, Scott Neil, Devin Pappas, Frank Chivas, Noor Naghni, Usman Ezad, Dinar Sajan, MD, Dr. Munir Khan, Dr. Javed Hafez, Dr. Naseem, Dr. Zaidi, Dr. Shaukat Chowdhari, Dr. Saeed Ahmed, Dr. Aamer Nawaz, Dr. Zahid Akram, Todd Marks, Dr. Saqib Khan, Dr. Fauzia Shakeel, Sharena Persaud, Tom Fillion, Mike Stram, Brandon Hubbard, Mark Elble, Scott Jordan