Join us as we check out the 2018 Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars kickoff party, then we learn about a new weight loss trend with AspireAssist, next we get comfy in our Easy Living with Technology home theater, and finally we sit down with Health & Psychiatry at their new Telepsychiatry office.

Interviews with: Julie Weintraub, Steve Weintraub, Dee Schuler, Melissa Dohme, Elizabeth Palascak, Dr. Jaclyn Rivera, Jaime McKnight, Iliana Stoilova, Don Allen, Kendall Kirkham, Laruen St Germaine, Rob Shaw, Tom Burkett, Kelle Pierce Chancellor, Stephen Hickey, Sarah, Harinath Sheela, MD, Rob, Brandon Hubbard,  Mike Stram, Mark Elble, and Scott Jordan.